Acode code editor FOSS Paid APK 1.5.5

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Acode is a lightweight yet powerful code editor and web IDE for Android. You can use this editor to edit HTML, JavaScript, text. You can create a website, run the website in your browser, and view errors or logs in the console. Also edit any type of source file like python, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Dart, etc. Usually coding can only be done well on devices such as laptops, PCs and similar devices due to the complexity required in manipulating coding. However, this is not impossible when you practice programming with a compact phone because now Acode has brought you a perfect tool that allows you to get the job done. programmed with your smartphone. In addition to writing code for normal programming, let's find out what other great functions the application offers you.

As this is a paid app to use, users will pay $ 1 per year after a 3-month trial, which is a small fee. In addition to the payment, users will have unique features that similar free applications cannot have. The powerful Acode * code editor can host unlimited projects ranging from app projects or websites. This is a working application, so the developer didn't place any ads. Let the user not be interrupted while working. The application is designed to be simple, easy to see, but still fully functional based on user interface and user interaction (UI / UX). This is an app that saves you time and effort when you want to become a programmer. This application is the best tool to help users to quickly correct the mistakes you make. When users write a specific piece of code to program, this application automatically helps users detect errors and correct them promptly.

* No advertising
* Edit any file from your device.
* GitHub support
* FTP / SFTP support
* Supports syntax highlighting for over 100 programming languages
* Dozens of themes
* Easy to use
* In-app HTML / MarkDown preview
* Interactive JavaScript console
* In-app file browser
* Open source
* Supports over 50,000 lines
* Fast workflow
* Open more than one file

Supported Android Devices :- [5.0–5.1.2] Lollipop - [6.0 - 6.0.1] Marshmallow - [7.0 – 7.1.1] Nougat - [8.0-8.1] Oreo - [9] Pie - Android 10 - Android 11

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