Grim wanderings 2 Strategic turn-based rpg mod apk (Unlocked) v1.74

Content :

The second party is the legitimate heir of the first.Save all key mechanics from Part One and add many new ones.The combat system is no longer an extension of the classic Disciples.It is now a completely independent and original gameThe game features a huge number of races, from classic humans, elves and orcs, to much more rarely seen in games, such as lizardmen and mouse men.The characters are made up of 2 components: race and class, similar to my favorite D&D system.This game has 25 character classes to choose from and 37 neutral creature classes.Each class has its own set of skills, which significantly affects the gameplay

Features :

Add a strategic game mode, with capital construction, hex construction and tech research. In fact, it will be a real 4X strategy with deep RPG elements

Add arena game mode. This mode will only represent fights, with no storyline. Battles with other players will be available

Add the infinite game mode. By analogy with the first part it will not have a plot and the map will be rebuilt at intervals of several dozen moves

Add a staggering number of unique legendary artifacts

Supported Android Devices : [6.0 - 6.0.1] Marshmallow - [7.0 – 7.1.1] Nougat - [8.0-8.1] Oreo - [9] Pie

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