Low Brightness Blue Light Filter Light Delight Pro APK 3.0.4

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Light Delight Blue light filter with low brightness of the Migraine screen. Light Delight blocks blue light by lowering the brightness of the screen at night. Light Delight becomes useful when it comes to protecting the eyes from blue light. With Light Blue Light app you can reduce the screen brightness by selecting a color of your choice. Light Delight works as a low brightness filter that helps you protect your eyes from blue light. Ensure eye care against the wavelength of blue light from the screen light. Use anti-glare night mode to protect your eyes from the blue light flow that causes chronic migraine, chronic sleepless headache. Night Mode * Blue light filter for migraine as a night anti-glare screen filter and warm night light mode helps you relieve eye fatigue and chronic headache when reading at night. Its red light night mode is good for eye care against the blue light rays of the mobile screen light. then start treating your tired eyes and improve eye health with the blue light filter using it as a twilight night light as soon as possible!

* Choice of color Choose any color of your choice in the Light Delight blue light filter.
* Brightness Dimmer The low brightness filter also darkens every color.
* Opacity Dimmer You can also dim the color opacity with specific darkness mode.
* Automatic start after restart Light Delight The low brightness night filter starts automatically if it was enabled before the device was restarted.
* Dim screen brightness from notification Directly changes the color opacity and screen brightness
* Screen Dimmer Low brightness is a brightness adjustment app that dims the screen brightness.
* Black as default color The low brightness night filter has black color as default for night mode.
* Small size This Bluelight night shift app is smaller in size.
* Reduced power consumption The anti-glare night mode reduces battery usage by 30% during night use to protect the eyes from migraine pain.
* The Light Delight night mode filter also supports devices with a navigation bar (devices with function keys).

Supported Android Devices : [4.1–4.3.1] Jelly Bean - [4.4–4.4.4] KitKat - [5.0–5.0.2] Lollipop - [6.0 - 6.0.1] Marshmallow - [7.0 – 7.1.1] Nougat - [8.0-8.1] Oreo - [9] Pie

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