Substratum Linear V 7.7.0 APK Patched

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Linear is a power pack substrate that supports different devices and operating systems such as Oreo 8.X.X, Android Pie 9.0.0, Samsung Oreo, Samsung OneUi Pie, Oxygen OS Oreo and Oxygen OS Pie. You should run a supported OMS ROM for this theme to work.
NOTE: THIS DOES NOT WORK ON A NOUGAT ROM (try at your own risk) !!! you must have the Andromeda (for Samsung and the non-rootate Oreo roms) and the Substratum app. from xhdpi * xxxhdpi however some elements may not be available, depending on the ROM in use. Take a screenshot of all the non-themed items and send me an email or leave me a message on Hangouts. All links available below.

* Enable Andromeda for non-rooted device
* Select Samsung Oreo at the top of the overlay list
* Select all or check options in overlays
* Apply it by selecting build and update in the fab menu
* perform a complete reboot
* Now go to the list of overlays and select again all the overlays you have created and updated
* Click and select the Fab Enable Overlay menu
* perform a complete reboot

Supported Android Devices : [7.0 – 7.1.1] Nougat - [8.0-8.1] Oreo - [9] Pie

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