Tody Smarter Cleaning Premium APK 1.9.3

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Tody allows you to share your plan with others. You can assign work to participants and set up rotation schemes to achieve a fair distribution of effort. Also ideal for coordinating work with a maid. It can be shared between Android and iOS. Regularly doing housework and home maintenance is best in the long run. When the drain is clogged or the bathroom tiles are deeply covered with limescale, it is often too late. At this point a professional repair and often replacement is required. This is bad for the environment and for your bag - read the reviews and you will see that the Tody approach really works and often has a profound impact on the user's life. Why it works so well compared to other apps and systems Firstly, it's simply a great way to plan tasks. Second, the visualization of need and progress is a great motivational tool.

Supported Android Devices : [8.0-8.1] Oreo - [9] Pie

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